The paint colours Deirdre chose look amazing, and the new layout for my old furniture has completely transformed my home. What a great service!

Barry Walsh, Blackrock

Hepburn Designs:  Interior Designers in Dublin, Ireland and Ibiza, Spain

Designer For a Day: What It Is

An innovative interior design service that resolves my clients design challenges.

Get the WOW factor!

We offer our clients an a la carte menu of services ranging from paint colours and finishing touches to advice on renovations or extensions.

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Storage is key to a beautiful home or business. De-clutter your home giving you an orderly, peaceful living space.

Transform your home with what you already own.

Utilising your existing furniture, artwork and accessories to breathe new life into your home.

Visualise your space with 3D drawings & movies

Seeing your new layout or build in virtual reality on the day!

Budgets & Specifications

We will discuss your needs and budget from the outset and advise you on the best spend of your money.

Home Staging

If you are selling or renting your house or apartment it is important to show it in its best light.
Designer for a Day is an amazing service! I am delighted with the results of my decorating project. It is exactly what I had hoped for and definitely reflects my taste. It all comes together in an overall effect that I could never have achieved without designer input.
Deirdre takes the work and stress out of choosing. She will advise you as to which items to spend money on, but also direct you to bargains that will work well. She is amazing with colour and space so no disappointments and expensive mistakes. I loved the way she up-cycled and re-used items I already had, giving them a whole new look and effect. All of this helped to ensure that the project was completed within budget.
Designer for a Day takes the legwork out of the project by bringing everything to you. On the day I was able to view a wide selection of samples, swatches etc while also benefiting from Deirdre’s extensive knowledge of what is available in the world of Home Décor. She will give shopping advice and tips from the bargain biggies such as Ikea, and B&Q to more up-market and individual retailers. Very important is her list of contacts to complete the various decorating tasks.
Designer for a Day was a great experience and a hugely enjoyable day. This was in no small way due to the tremendous enthusiasm that Deirdre brings to the project. Clearly someone who loves her work!
Karen Quigley Lucan

Online Interior Designer

DESIGNER FOR A DAY 'What it Costs'

The expertise of a designer at a reasonable cost and without a long term commitment.


A full day with a qualified Interior Design Architect


(including VAT/IVA)

A half day with a qualified Interior Design Architect


(including VAT/IVA)

Best money we ever spent….saved us making expensive mistakes.
Shaun Maloney

“We would have no hesitation in recommending the “designer for a day” service. Deirdre spent eight hours with us and provided ideas, advice and a plan for the entire house which covered furniture, lighting, decor and even picture hanging! Her approach was based on a combination of making best use of what we already have, good quality and value for money.
She provided suggested suppliers and an estimate of costs. All that remains now is to put her plan into action!”
Maureen and Michael Scanlan, Co. Wicklow


An innovative service that gives you a recipe for transforming your home or business.


We do a walk through and discuss your design challenges. Read more....
We start with an initial phone consultation to get an understanding of how I can help you with your project and to ensure I come prepared with all relevant samples. When I arrive at your home or business we will do a walk through and discuss the design challenges that need to be resolved. I will be taking notes and photographs which will be incorporated into your written report. We will prioritise what needs to be covered to ensure the most important elements of the design are nailed down. The rooms will be measured for accurate specification of furniture and if required for 3D drawings and budgets. Every client and project is unique and every design I create is tailored to you.


We will discuss your budget from the outset. Read more....
I will advise you on the best spend of your money and create a budget for your project. I will give you exact costs where possible and a ball park figure for items that need to be quoted by a tradesperson or supplier. I have years of international hands on experience in renovations, extensions interior design and furnishing and will have a very good idea of what your project will cost to complete. Your written report will be very specific in order to obtain accurate quotes from trades people and suppliers. We are not a shop and are independent of any supplier or builder, sourcing the best products and trades people for your particular project. I work to your budget and will specify IKEA to custom made and often a mixture of items to suit your budget and style. You will be supplied with the name of the supplier and the cost of these items so you can purchase them yourself.
We bring the design studio and the ‘shop’ to you. Read more.....
I will design the look of your space by bringing together a pallet of physical samples including flooring, paint colours, fabrics etc. so you can see how they actually look in your space. A photo, details of the product and a link back to the websites of the suppliers will be included in your written specification. I bring a wide range of samples for all budgets with me on the day, saving you endless hours and weekends traipsing around furniture and DIY shops. Samples include large paint cards, wall & floor tiles, fabric books, timber and laminate flooring, carpet, wallpaper books, sample curtain poles, rug samples, kitchen doors, worktops, blinds, and much more. For the items that I can’t bring with me I will select from websites and catalogues: kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, lighting, furniture, rugs, windows and doors, wardrobes, radiators, fireplaces, accessories, art and anything else you require.
3D Drawings for space planning, renovations & extensions. Read More....
I use a powerful 3D full colour design program that has a special function that will allow me to virtually walk you through the rooms that I have designed and drawn. These drawings can be extremely useful to help you visualise a space before a wall is tossed or a brick is put in place. If you are putting in a new kitchen, bathrooms or layouts and sizes for furniture I can design and draw these as well. In addition I can design custom made furniture and storage. You will be given PDF’s of the plans and 3D images from various angles, birds eye view and mini movies. The spaces will need to be surveyed, designed and drawn, this can take the entire day and if it is a large or very complicated project could require more than a day. I will discuss this with you in advance to determine what is the best use of our time together. If you would like to see sample drawings please ask and I will email them to you.
A detailed written report will be given to you on the day. Read More....
Throughout the day all of the finishes, materials, furniture, lighting, paint colours, layouts and suggestions will be input into a word document that I will give to you at the end of the day. The document will include a photo of the item, the dimensions, price, important information and a link to the website if available. You will be given a plan of action, advice on where to start and in what order to do things. The specification provides you with an easy to follow plan to complete your project. I will also provide you with a full list of all our preferred trades and suppliers. If 3D drawings were done these will also be given to you on the day. If you would like to see a sample specification please ask and I will email it to you.
What happens next? Read More.....
At the end of the day you will be presented with all drawings, specifications and notes along with our preferred list of trades and suppliers. Most clients will follow the advice and shopping list to complete the project themselves. You will have the information you need to get quotes for kitchens, built in storage and wardrobes, and any building work you plan on carrying out. After the initial consultation if you need more help I can be flexible to your requirements. Some clients will avail of a series of Designer for a Day’s. I can be an on call consultant for an hourly fee (€125 per hour for phone calls, emails, €175 per hour for out of office help) If you would like me to purchase and place all the items selected this can be done for an additional fee. We also offer full project management. I will discuss your project on the initial phone call and advise you if I think your requirements can be met in a day or will require more time. Most clients only need one day.

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